We're pretty proud of our team and not just for their professional success. They're all around good people and that's so important when it comes to building relationships with our clients and candidates.

Our Team


Founder & C.E.O

Kristi Spaethe,SHRM-CP, PHR

Kristi is the proud and self-proclaimed Mayor of Awkwardville. Not only is she a super awkward person in real life but has also made that a core value of the company. While karaoke will never be in Kristi’s future, she is always ready to be a back up dancer. If you need some 80’s/90’s dance moves in your life, Kristi is ready.

Business Operations & Development Manager

Annalisa Neal

If you ever need someone to throw down "Ice Ice Baby" in a pinch, Annalisa is your person. She has a healthy(ish) infatuation with macro photography, spreadsheets, office supplies and organization (although don't tell her husband that, he might hold her to that last one).

HR Consulting Manager & Trainer

Lacy Bolling, SHRM-CP, PHR

When we found out the thing that makes Lacy laugh the hardest is a corny joke, we knew she would be a perfect addition to our team. Her closest friends and family (and now the interwebs) know Lacy has an extreme fear of snakes. If you need us, we'll be off in a corner reminding ourselves that we are an HR firm and ordering a can of fake snakes is not the appropriate next step...

Human Resources Consultant

Elizabeth Callahan, SHRM-CP

Elizabeth may not be a good dancer but she can catch and prep catfish like nobody's business and thinks everyone should do that at least once in their life. If you want to get her laughing, play her the "Ship my Pants" KMart commercial. That'll do it every time.

Lead Recruiter

Susan Smith

Susan enjoys coordinating get togethers with family and friends and loves it when someone laughs themselves silly over a joke they told, especially one that's not funny! If Susan had a spirit animal it would be the lioness... the hunt to find the perfect candidate for our clients is a thrill!