DiSC Video Series: Part 2

In the  following video Brittany Currier shares about the process of using DiSC for team success through training and understanding. Check it out….

How to Use DiSC for Team Success

We provide DiSC assessments and training’s to teach, strengthen and develop skill sets within teams, such as communication and leadership. We start by conducting individual assessments for each team member. Upon completion, each team member will receive their designated letter(s). As mentioned in Part 1, there are 4 letters that categorize personality styles and an individual can be any combination and/or variation of those categories. This fulfills the first prong mentioned in both videos: self awareness. Our consultants will always meet with each individual team member to make sure they have a good self understanding.

After that, we will run comparison reports and analyze how the team is currently working, why they are currently working this way and where improvements can be made. This brings the most ah ha moments!

Lastly, we will conduct training’s with the team(s) together to discuss findings, strengths and areas for improvements. This step develops emotional intelligence within teams and provides a foundation for future growth.

Why Use DiSC for Team Success

The work for continuous improvement will always exist. However, building a strong and collaborative culture will make improvements, innovation and flexibility a lot easier. Using the DiSC tool allows for similar language and understanding to be used across teams. This is extremely valuable when sunk deeply into the culture of an organization. Teams will see greater respect for each other, more effective communication and an overall improvement to productivity.

Let’s Get Started

If this sounds like it could benefit your team please contact us and we will can start developing a plan that is right for your needs and goals!

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