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Disney Ends Remote Work (and they’re not the only ones)….

The pandemic brought us a lot of experiences no one saw coming.  One of those was the large number of employers making the move to  telecommuting for their employees.
Of late, we’re beginning to see big name employers like Apple, Goldman Sachs, and now Disney making the move back to in office requirements.  Those companies are exploring a hybrid model to allow for better collaboration, in person, among team members due to the creative nature of their work.
A recent SHRM article states that nearly three-quarters of companies (73%) plan to support hybrid work, while only 19% will require employees to go into a workplace full time.
With this new reality, it has left many companies questioning what role the office places now and how to refashion it for the future.
Hybrid work arrangements balance the benefits of being in the office – the ability to collaborate and build culture – with the benefits of quiet and lack of commuting.
We know not all of our clients can support remote or hybrid work, but if your industry and type of work allows it, and you still choose not to, it might limit your talent options moving forward
Thinking about switching to a Hybrid Work Environment? Contact The People Perspective for support.

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