Disproving HR Myths

Disproving HR Myths

Disproving HR Myths

I was at a networking event for manufacturing businesses a few weeks back. Some of our clients are part of this group and I have some good friends and colleagues that are members as well. At this particular event, it was a smaller group and I didn’t know as many of the attendees. I was in a conversation with a few people and was asked what I do. I went on to tell them about The People Perspective and how we, long story short, are your one stop shop for all things HR. Someone said, “If you do HR, why are you here”? Then another guy said, “If you do HR, you’ll want to stay far away from my company”. That really got me thinking, there are so many myths and misconceptions about what HR is and what The People Perspective does as far as our services. So, I want to clear up some misconceptions by disproving HR myths. I will start with the questions I was asked at that networking event.

Disproving HR Myths: Human resources is cool

Question: “Why are you here”?

Myth: HR is uncool. They just stay in their offices to do paperwork.

Truth: HR SHOULD network and get educated on industry business.

The People Perspective has clients in a variety of industries. We would be doing our clients and future clients a disservice if we didn’t stay up to date and involved within the industries our clients serve so that we can best and most knowledgeably serve them in return. For me, I really enjoy attending events in a multitude of sectors and industries so I can meet different types of individuals and hear from a variety of viewpoints. You can ask the same question to different individuals in diverse positions and industries and it is likely you will get a different answer or a unique perspective. I want to see the whole picture into business and industry not just box myself into an HR perspective. That is what makes The People Perspective different from other HR outsourcing and consulting firms. We don’t just want come in and throw down rules, regulations and policies. We will act as a partner for your business, understanding your unique business goals and objectives. To do this we must get out and immerse ourselves in a variety of industry events and networks.

Disproving HR Myths: Good Luck with Human Resources

Question: “If you’re in HR, you’ll want to stay far away from my company”.

Myth: HR exists to get people in trouble.

Truth: HR ISN’T just a bunch of fun suckers.



The HR consultants at the People Perspective do not exist to get you or your business in trouble. People seem so scared of HR sometimes but if you have the right HR team or professional you won’t be scared of them, you will leverage them as a strategic partner. We strive to save businesses money and time, protect businesses from preventable lawsuits and to develop company cultures that will attract productive employees. None of that is scary. That will lead to less headaches and higher profitability!

Disproving HR Myths: Lawsuit

Statement: “We don’t need HR, it’s just an extra expense”.

Myth: HR just costs the company money.

Truth: HR HAS monetary value.


This is a comment we hear a lot from small businesses. Unfortunately, a big number of small business leaders believe this until they get into employee issues related to harassment, drugs, alcohol, and discrimination (just to name the most common). Worst case scenario, these issues lead to lawsuits and without documentation and written policies the employer will lose every time. That is when the value of HR is seen. So, we encourage business leaders to think proactively instead of reactively. Utilize HR to set a solid foundation for growth, scalability and employee safety. You will spend a lot less time and money hiring HR support to create a handbook then you will in an employee lawsuit. “But I have great employees, that will never happen to me”. Until it does. So why take the risk? Not every company needs HR on staff but having an HR expert on call and a set of polices to help govern simple employee behavior and culture is something I have never heard anyone regret.

Leverage HR support!

If anything, I hope this gets you thinking about how HR could bring value to your organization. Disproving HR myths may be an up hill climb but it is worth it when you are passionate about how HR can impact business. Whether that means hiring full time HR staff or hiring us to assist with your unique business goals! If you’re interested in learning more about how our services can save you time, save you money and protect your business give us a call!

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