Search & Recruiting Services

Take back your valuable time and let us help you narrow the candidate pool.

Recruitment Plan for Success

Once the consultation is complete and we know we're the right fit for one other, here's a quick outline of how our process works to help us locate the right candidates for you.
Intake Call
We spend a little time with you to learn all about the position, helping us better target the most qualified candidates.

Search & Recruitment Begins

Our recruiters begin the search! This includes candidate pre-screen interviews.

Candidate Profile Submissions

We provide candidate profiles & resume's for those candidates who pass our vetting for the position.

Client & Candidate Interviews

We help you arrange an interview with those candidates you choose.

Make the Offer

We help you coordinate the offer for the candidate, including completion of background checks and drug tests.

Congrats! They Accepted!

Your candidate has accepted! We'll help you arrange all the details for their first day.

Let’s Work Together!

Let The People Perspective help with hiring! Reach out for a brief, 30 minute consultation regarding our Search & Recruitment services to see if we're the right fit for you.