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Employer Resource Series: Cherokee Nation

We have recognized a gap in the awareness of resources available through Cherokee Nation Career Services for employees and employers alike. Programs through CNCS help individuals achieve and maintain good work habits, promote job skills, and gain employment. These programs are dependent on their partnership with local employers. Cherokee Nation supports employees through education, training, and rehabilitation, helping employees become successful employees who are self-sufficient for themselves, their families, and the success of your businesses.

A few of the programs available through CNCS are:

Direct Placement

The Direct Placement Program assists individuals who have located employment on their own but need financial assistance in order to accept the employment, such as the purchase of tools or uniforms, or living expenses until the first pay period.

On-the-Job Training

Need skilled workers? OJT lets you hire and train skilled workers and get reimbursed for your efforts. The OJT program is designed to assist applicants in securing permanent employment with the public or private sector.

As an employer, you will benefit from more efficient recruiting, more targeted training, and assistance with training expenses:

  • OJT specialists can help you find the right talent when you need it, reducing time, effort, and money spent on recruiting.
  • The specific technical skills an employer need may be hard to find. OJT helps employers train the right workers to meet their requirements. The employer always has the final hiring decision.
  • Employers receive up to 50% of the costs to provide on-the-job training for individuals you hire that qualify for the program for up to 6 months.
    • This is designed to assist the business or employer with the extraordinary cost associated with the training of the participant and increase productivity while they learn the job.

Partner Businesses

Career Services partners with businesses throughout northeastern Oklahoma to assist with staffing needs. Interested businesses in a partnership CHCS can contact our staff at TPP to help you with next steps connecting with an eligibility specialist to find out if your business meets OJT employer criteria.


Written By: Elizabeth Callahan

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