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EmpowHR Your Network: OKHR State Conference

Can you believe it’s already April? For us in HR, this month holds something special—the OKHR State Conference happening from April 16-18 in downtown Tulsa. This event has been a game-changer for me since my early days in HR straight out of college. Back then, I was still figuring things out, but one thing that stuck with me was my college professor’s advice on networking. It’s more than just trading business cards; it’s about creating connections that can open doors to new experiences, knowledge, and collaborations. Networking has been key to accessing resources, advancing my career, and creating my professional circle of friends.

The OKHR State Conference is not your average event—it’s a growth opportunity in disguise. With inspiring keynote sessions, interactive workshops, and plenty of chances to mingle, it’s where ideas flow and connections spark. Plus, there’s no shortage of inspiring stories and industry insights to soak up, not to mention some fun evening entertainment to unwind. Attending the conference isn’t just about learning; it’s about showing our dedication to growth and development, boosting our professional visibility in the process.

Being part of the OKHR State Conference puts us right in the spotlight of our industry. It equips us with fresh insights, valuable connections, and a renewed sense of inspiration. So, to all leaders out there—whether your title contains HR or not—let’s grab this chance to expand our networks, gain some new perspectives, and open up a world of possibilities together. You can find registration details at www.okhr.org.

Written By: Lacy Bolling, SHRM-CP

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