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Giving Back: Why I Give Back

For those of you not in the HR world, we are coming off of an epic week last month. April 25th through 27th was the annual OKHR State Conference held in Oklahoma City. It was 3 full days of learning, networking and fun.

As the State Director for the Oklahoma Human Resources State Council, I had the honor of selecting this year’s theme of FunHR. We packed a lot of fun into 3 days and also talked about the fact that our profession does not have to be the fun shutter-downers. Also, a note for all of you reading, regardless of your role in your organization, it is my opinion, that all organizational cultures should contain some intentional fun. If you look at fun as a nice to have in your culture, reach out to me (spoiler alert – it’s not).

What I really wanted to share, is about the humbling honor it is to serve a profession that has served me, that has shaped who I am and how I show up. I care so much about this community and what we do and want to take care of our professionals like so many others before me have.

Volunteering is hard. It’s free, and many times it’s thankless. So why do I do it? See above. I care. And, much like Joey says in a Friends episode, there is no selfless act… It feels good.

All of the employees at The People Perspective are required to serve on a board. Not because we have a ton of extra time, but because I believe in it. It feels good, but also, we learn about ourselves. And community is important, no matter how you define that.

If you are not giving back to your profession or community, please reach out to me to chat. There are opportunities of all sizes, and I know there is one that is right for you. And it feels so darn good. I know you’ll not be sorry.


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