Handbook Video Series – Part 2

The What

This 2-part video series discusses the importance that handbooks provide within organizations. The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) states, “An employee handbook can be a valuable communication resource for both the employer and the employee. It provides guidance and information related to the organization’s history, mission, values, policies, procedures and benefits in a written format. It is also viewed as a means of protecting the employer against discrimination or unfair treatment claims”. One document can do so much for an organization if developed correctly.

The Why

In Part-2, Brittany Currier will share her experiences with customizing handbooks and policies. Small customizations can greatly impacted businesses, their employees and their culture. Part -1 emphasized compliance, which is a crucial foundation for the handbook. However, a great handbook can be so much more than that for your leaders, employees and culture. Check it out…

The How

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