I-9 Changes are Here

Need Help Navigating? “We’re you’re Huckleberry”

Yes, we sure did use one of the greatest movie quotes of all time to talk about the recent Form I-9 changes and no we’re not sorry.

The new I-9 form changes have officially been rolled out as of this week. Our friends at SHRM shared a comprehensive article we’d encourage you to take a look at. In the meantime, we’d like to share a brief overview and our vote of approval.

First things first, let’s applaud the streamlining efforts here. Reducing sections and cutting instructions from 15 to 8 pages made the revised Form I-9 a single-sided wonder, and we are here for it! The new design shines with it’s ease of use on your tablets and mobile devices. With 50% less pages in the instruction manual, it’s like DHS went on a paperwork diet and the new Form I-9 is its stunning transformation picture!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can use the current form till October 31, 2023. But come November 1, it’s all about the new Form I-9. Because out with the old, in with the… streamlined?!

One other notable change is that E-Verify enrolled employers can now check Form I-9 documentation remotely. (Helloooo time savings!) Remember, if you do this, you must also conduct a live video interaction with the employee, because, well, we can’t completely take humans out of Human Resources, now can we? Once again, SHRM comes in clutch on explaining more on the rules around this option..

In short, these changes will provide a fresh perspective (pun very much intended) on HR compliance. And rest assured, we’ll help navigate these new waters with you. After all, we’ve been through thicker I-9 forms together, haven’t we?

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