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Kristi’s Korner: If I Had a Kristi(l) Ball

It’s 2023! Happy New Year! I hope your year is off to an amazing start and that 2023 holds for you all that you desire and deserve.

If I were to get out my Kristi(l) Ball (see what I did there), below are some of the trends I predict we might see in the year ahead. As I’ve told you before, I don’t actually have a Kristi(l) Ball so these may vary. But know that no matter what this year holds, we are here and ready to support you.

  • Wages will continue to increase but not at the rate of inflation which will slow – What does this mean? We will start to see things evening out.
  • Remote work is not going anywhere. I know this is not an option for all organizations, but if it is, you will start to feel the demand for hybrid and/or remote opportunities if you are not already offering them.
  • Gains in open positions will start to slow.
  • Pay Transparency will continue to gain momentum.
  • A focus on mental health and associated benefits will continue to remain in the forefront.
  • The evolution of law around protected classes will continue with potential legislation coming around sexual orientation and hair.

Overall, the trends I am seeing and what others are predicting are largely stabilizing trends. There has been so much volatility and fluctuation over the last several years and I believe 2023 will begin to calm some of that. And I don’t think any of us will be mad about that.


Here’s to 2023!

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