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Recruiting for the Next Generation

Generational workforce recruitment is a broad topic.  As recruiters, we’re seeing significant differences in the way we must recruit for each generation.  One size does not fit all so it’s important to ensure our recruitment strategies allow us to have the best connection to each generation.

Today we’ll focus on Generation Z!

From the job seeker perspective, most Gen Zr’s that fall in this group would still be considered “entry level” job seekers.  With reports recently from Deloitte showing that the percentage of entry level repetitive jobs has decreased by 12%, this is a legitimate challenge for this group!  The digital age that they have grown up with is now responsible for this decrease in employment opportunities, due to AI and other automations available to businesses.

Helping them set expectations for the job search is key!  Educating that while mid-level positions have a higher pay range, the expectation that they will hit the mid to higher end is not always realistic.  While having degrees can gain you a higher starting salary, your years of on-the-job experience count and are typically what land you in the mid to higher pay range.  (Yes, we said it!)

As a job seeker, the Gen Z candidate wants to be heard.  Recruitment requires listening and giving them a voice during the recruitment process.

As an employee, Gen Z overall is not interested in living to work – they want to work to live! This means that their job supports the lifestyle they want to live, be it travel, focus on the family or engaging an opportunity to have a side hustle or hobby that is meaningful to them.   As a recruiter, this can mean making sure you have a clear picture of the culture and job requirements of the company they are considering to help weed out if it’s the right fit.  It is also coaching them on questions to ask during the interview process that can further help them determine if the fit is the best for them.  This is also good for the hiring company.  No one wants to invest time and money into something that wasn’t a good fit for either party from the start!

Between the decrease in entry level positions, pay expectations and finding the right jobs so that they can work to live, it makes for a competitive market for Gen Z to land that “perfect job”.  The right understanding and clear communications can help during this process!

Share your thoughts with us on the recruitment of generations in the workplace or your experiences with the differences in the recruitment of Gen Z.

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