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Resume Trends in 2023

Spring is on its way and along with that comes new growth.  The flowers are peeking up through the ground and new life is blossoming.  Opportunities abound for growth in your career as well.  To kick off your search for opportunities, it’s important to start with a great resume.

There are three things important areas when writing a resume and they are:

(A) Keep it simple

(B) Make it skills based

(C) Do your research

When writing your resume, keep it simple, concise, and no more than two pages.  One page is preferred.  Keep the design simple.  Job boards don’t recognize colors and pretty templates so it’s best to create it with text only.  The search optimization and AI that are used with job boards will recognize the words that are on your resume to make the best candidate match.

List your skills in a way that can be highlighted and measured while being authentic.  As the hiring manager or HR professional are reading your resume, they will generally decide if they want to talk with you or not based on the top half of the first page.  Make it count.  A clear and concise message will help you compete at the top of the candidate list.  The job market is a competitive place for candidates and organizations.  State your skills along with measurable outcomes and metrics.  It helps the hiring manager see what you are capable of bringing to the team.

Keep in mind that there are many resources available to help with writing a resume.  It takes time and research to put together a stellar resume.  A few resources to consider for assistance with writing a resume are LinkedIn, listen to podcasts on the subject and seek out artificial intelligence in 2023.  You might even find a tip or two on social media including Tik Tok.

Once you write your resume, don’t be afraid to share it.  Market your resume and don’t be afraid to state your successes.  Share your resume with your network, a recruiter and apply online.  Your time and effort will pay off with a well written resume.

Written By:

Susan Smith

Lead Recruiter

The People Perspective

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