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Standing Out to Your Interview Candidates

Many employers have their hiring signs out and are struggling to find the talent they need.  Attracting talent can be a challenging, yet very rewarding.  When you find and retain good talent, there is a measure of happiness that comes with it.  But how do you repeat that process time and again with the same success?

In a day and time where people are changing the way they work, the way they communicate and the way they do business, hiring managers are pushed to find ways to hire that are innovative.  Unfortunately, many are doing very little that’s innovative to tackle the talent challenge.

To set yourself apart, consider some of the following strategies to implement during your interview process:

  • Give interviewees questions ahead of time; this allows them to give better accuracy and be judged on their past performance and not their presentation skills.
  • Set expectations about the interview/hiring process.  Knowing whether a candidate can be available for your hiring process, especially if it’s going to take 2-3 months.  It can be a time saver for both you and the candidate.
  • Share your benefits summary early in the process.  Financial compensation isn’t always number one, perks and employee engagement opportunities are highly rated for work/life balance.
  • In your Social Media content, post the culture of your company.  Don’t make it all about business.  Highlight special times your team demonstrates employee engagement, community mindfulness and goes above and beyond.
  • Utilize a culture app such as CultureAmp, Viva, or Donut as reported by Fast CO in their article, The Ten Most Innovative workplace companies of 2023.
  • Communication is key.  You don’t want to be ghosted by a candidate… so don’t ghost them either!  Provide timely updates and closure to the process if they are not selected to move forward.

Outside of the interview process, other areas to consider:

  • Gathering employee feedback and listening to the data is another way to move towards setting yourself apart.  Recent hires can provide important insight to what could be seen as potential “flaws” in the hiring process.
  • Don’t fully rely on Automation and AI to find your candidates.  You could potentially be missing out on some truly qualified candidates!

If you’re hiring and have implemented innovative ideas into your processes,  The People Perspective welcomes hearing about what has, or hasn’t worked for you.  One thing is for sure, job seekers are tired of the black hole their resumes fall victim to, and employers are done with being ghosted.

If you find yourself on either side of this scenario, give us a call, text, or email.  The People Perspective is here to support you.  Let’s be innovative.

Written By: Susan Smith, Lead Recruiter

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  • Paula

    May 12, 2023 at 12:09 pm

    I like the part about giving them interview questions. Although, this is not common practice and it is “old school” way of thinking to interview and ask questions with the “element of surprise”. How do we know if the answers are not rehearsed? I think that you will know as an interviewer. I like the idea of sharing benefits first, it almost always never discussed unless you are asked, do you have any questions for us? Thank you for the article Susan 🙂 ~pm~


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