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Stay Interviews: An Effort Towards Talent Retention

We’ve all heard of exit interviews. These are completed after it is determined that an employee is leaving, with the intent to gain feedback from them on their way out. While these can be very helpful, there’s a new kid in town…Stay Interviews.

Stay interviews are intended to gain feedback from employees while they are still employed and NOT on their way out. The whole point of stay interviews is to determine what would make employees leave and why they stay. Rather than waiting until it is too late, stay interviews can help retain talent. And who doesn’t want to do that right now.

With the market still volatile, employee retention continues to be on everyone’s mind. It is much easier, and more cost effective, to keep employees rather than to replace them if they leave. Stay Interviews can help with this.

We have recently been asked by multiple clients to conduct stay interviews on their behalf. Using a neutral third party, if possible, can really help with transparency and candor. The neutrality can also help uncover issues and/or concerns that weren’t obvious before.

Stay interviews can be conducted with key employees, key departments, leadership positions or entire organizations. They differ from employee surveys in the fact that they are more intimate and personal and allow for back and forth between the employee and interviewer.

I don’t think stay interviews are going anywhere. In fact, I personally believe they are so beneficial, the TPP staff will be participating in stay interviews this summer. I’m going to walk the walk I’m offering to you.

Let us know if you want more information on Stay Interviews and Happy Summer!


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