This Is My Lane

This is My Lane

HR Nerd Alert

I Love HR! That’s right, I am a self-proclaimed HR Nerd and I’m not ashamed to say it.

I happened into this field while pursuing a psychology degree and realized fairly quickly that it was the right decision. I love people (I know, it’s cliché), and I love helping them get where they want to go. I’ve also learned recently that I love training and speaking about leadership and HR. Winning!

How I Got Here

I worked in various industries as an HR professional for many years. In January of 2017, I found myself in that place that many have found themselves in. I didn’t have a job. I had thought, off and on, for a few years about starting my own business and it seemed like this might be the time. So, I jumped in feet first and haven’t looked back since. Well, maybe once or twice. Owning your own business is hard.

I started by offering traditional HR Consulting services, handbooks, job descriptions, etc. We have evolved and grown so quickly. We still do handbooks and job descriptions, but now we do leadership training, compensation audits, speaking engagements, team building and all kinds of employee training.

And… I Love It! As my friend Bruce Waller says, this is my lane and it is such a pleasure to realize you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

This is My Lane

Leaving a speaking gig about a year ago and calling my mom and said, “This is it, Mom! This is what I am supposed to be doing!”

Moving into The Future

And now, we’ve grown! The People Perspective hired Brittany Currier, Business Development and Consulting, in 2020 and she is doing amazing things! I am so excited to get to watch what she does for our organization.

I hope that wherever you are in life, you have or are working towards finding your lane. Let us know if we can help!

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