Tips on Managing Employee Performance

Tips on Managing Employee Performance

Management is More than Just Managing Employees

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to focus on managing items like performance, engagement, and expectations, rather than trying to just manage employees. This is why we want to share specific tips on managing employee performance. Organizations have employees on furlough, remote employees, office employees, shop employees, labor employees and employees in so many other categories. However, with all of these categories, if I ask any of those managers what they want from their employees, they would probably all say they want their employees to do a good job and be productive for the business. Well, it is proven that setting metrics and consistent processes and procedures will lead to an increase in productivity output, among other things.

Tips to Successfully Manage Employee Performance

We have outlined some easy tips to assist business leaders start on improving their management skills.

  1. Set Clear Expectations- Each position in your organization should have specific, measurable and realistic expectations that are clearly communicated and reviewed regularly.
  2. Be Consistent – Put processes in place for regular performance reviews. Each department and/or manager should be fair and consistent with reviews and appraisals. Once a year feedback is not enough.
  3. Train Managers – Give managers the tools they need to help their employees excel through constructive feedback techniques. Develop and invest in manager’s leadership skills.
  4. Review Hiring Practices Often – Ensure hiring practice will result in hiring the right candidate for the right position. Prepare job descriptions and thorough interview procedures.
  5. Be Open to Giving and Receiving Feedback – Listen to employees to learn what they need to succeed. When an employee does a great job give them recognition. It is also important to give constructive feedback if an employee is not meeting expectations.

 How The People Perspective Can Help

If you would like to read more in depth about Performance Management go check out The Key to Effective Performance Management blog. However, if this all seems overwhelming to you or you just don’t know where to start, let the consultants at The People Perspective help! Here are some examples on how we could provide solutions for your management needs to:

  1. Set Clear Expectations >>> We can help by creating and implementing job descriptions.
  2. Be Consistent >>> We can partner to create and implement performance review templates and processes. An employee handbook is also another great way to direct consistency.
  3. Train Managers >>> By providing training and leadership development solutions we can help strengthen teams and management skill sets.
  4. Review Hiring Process >>> We can help review hiring processes, implement compliant procedures and outline effective interview strategies.
  5. Improve Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively >>> We can assist with implementing rewards and recognition program and/or provide training on giving and receiving feedback.

Effectively managing your employees and teams can not wait! We are always here and happy to help if you need us.


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