Video – Being a Proactive Business Leader

Preparing to re-open stronger than ever!

Wednesday, May 6th, we partnered with our friends at Cobbs Allen to present on how business leaders can be proactive in preparing to re-open their organizations stronger than they have ever been. Mass amounts of guidance, restrictions, information and resources are out there but it is hard to organize and sort through it all. We have done just that! This video discusses:

  • The State’s guidance on a phased reopening plan
  • How employers can create their own phased re-opening plan that is specific to their organization
  • What employers need in place before allowing employees to come back to the office
  • The future of the workforce with tips on how to manage remote workers and how to take care of your employees in a time of crisis
  • What health benefits employers should explore and consider offering. For example, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • How an increase in remote workers will add to workers compensation considerations
  • Telemedicine and other health care trends to be on the look for

What are the take-away’s and how can we help?

  • Be flexible and generous
  • Encourage healthy mental health practices in your organization
  • Being proactive is much more effective than being reactive
  • Implementing the right policies can strengthen and protect your business
  • The People Perspective can help develop and implement a phased re-opening plan as well as the right COVID-19 policies for your organization. Contact us if you’re interested in adding our COVID policy bundle to your handbook!
COVID Policy Bundle

Implement the following COVID policies while you’re preparing to re-open to strengthen your business

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