HR Compliance

The People Perspective helps you navigate business laws and general HR compliance

What is HR Compliance?

To put it simply: HR Compliance is the act of adhering to all applicable labor laws and failure to comply can result in serious, and expensive, consequences. Adherence applies to the organization and it's leaders and employees.

Navigating labor laws, changing rules and regulations and ensuring employee education can be a challenge for businesses of all sizes. The People Perspective can help ease this burden.  

By performing periodic compliance audits, our team can  identify areas where your business is most at risk and recommend resolution action plans and required training to get you back in the safe zone.

Our collaborative process ensures open communication every step of the way, to ensure your business alignment.

Which option combination is right for you?

HR Audit
Employee Handbook (New or Revision)
Periodic Policy Review
Employee Onboarding and Orientation
Employee Offboarding
Employee Relations Support
Employee Leave Support
Compensation Benchmarking
Performance Management Solutions